Temnodontosaurus Fossil

Original appearance and frozen moment of the Early Jurassic 182 million years ago



Year: 182 million years ago, early Jurassic

Size of Temnodontosaurus fossil: 105cm

Dimension: 140 x 6 x 65cm  LxWxH

Weight: 54kg

Origin: Holzmaden, Germany

Installation: Not Included. We offer a site survey for this collection. 


Temnodontosaurus in Greek means cutting-tooth-fish lizard and it extinct during the early Jurassic period ranging between 200 and 175 million years ago. This rare and precious Temnodontosaurus found in Germany. When it swam in the deep sea of 182 million years ago, it looks like a giant dolphin.  According to scientific estimation, Temnodontosaurus is a huge marine reptile with an adult body length of 9 to 12 meters, this length is almost equal to the width of a standard NBA basketball court! Furthermore, its eyes are big the diameter is about 20 cm, much larger than iPhone 11 pro and believed to be the largest of any known animal in the world.


This has Temnodontosaurus fossil has undergone minor restorations in order to present the original appearance and frozen moment of 182 million years ago. This wall collection definitely beyond extraordinary art created by Mother Nature, incredibly luxurious.