Temnodontosaurus Fossil

Original appearance of the Early Jurassic 182 million years ago

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Year: 182 million years ago, early Jurassic 

Dimension: LxWxH 80 x 7 x 64CM

Weight: 45kg

Origin: Alberta, Canada

Installation: Not Included. A special hook has been configured behind the rock slab, it can be directly hung on wall. We offer on site survey for this collection. 

Transportation: Included


 This impeccably preserved fossil is a prehistoric marine reptile, monstrously large Ichthyosaur. Temnodontosaurus was among the most massive of the ichthyosaurs, its body size is huge approximately 12 meters long. In addition, this genus had a pair of huge eye with diameter around 20CM  – likely the largest of any animal to have ever existed!

Global warming in the late Cretaceous changed the marine ecosystem and may lead to its extinction.