Natural Assemblage Invertebrate Fossil

Museum-Worthy Collection

The Snapshot of A 50 Million Years 


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Year: 50 million years ago, Eocene period

Size of Stingray Fossil: 40CM Long

Shale Dimension: LxWxH 132 x 5 x 107CM

Weight: 64KGS

Origin: Wyoming, USA

Installation: We offer on site survey for this collection because of its weight and installation construction will be a must to secure the collection.


Remark: We will discuss with the collector the most suitable installation location and method, light projection, indoor temperature and humidity control, and long-term maintenance details. The collection and its preciousness must be carefully secure and install to ensure the perfect presentation.


We are proud to present this fabulous fossil, the snapshot of life of a 50 million years at the bottom old lake that teemed with life. Professional fossil preparator took hours of work under microscope to reveal the fine details of this fossil from the stone. It is an incredibly alluring piece – the deep coloured ray and six Knightia specimens stand out beautifully from the light colored, textured stone slab. Amazingly, even the three barbs of the stingray are in near pristine condition!  Interestingly, as well, there is small section of the ray’s disc where it was likely bitten by a predator.