Our team and partners, together we gathered professional elites from different nationalities, more than 35 years of experience by standing on the front line to ensure that all collections are legally discovered and purchased through legal channels, and our guarantee to you the authenticity of each collection. The photos, descriptions & restoration detail of each collection is also truly illustrated, published and described.

Please refer to our Investment Analysis for details. We have analyzed the investment trends and auction results of fossils, meteorites and mineral stones in Europe and USA within the past 10 years. Asian auction house has just started with this auction category along these recent years and the results are quite good and continue to grow. Auction companies have absolute acumen to the art market demand and trend, their results and data are highly referential and reliable. In fact, currently is definitely the best time to invest in fossils, meteorites in Asian market especially among the exclusive one before it goes viral on the art market. Every fossils, meteorites and fine mineral stones are gift from universe and mother nature, extremely unique, precious and cannot be duplicate in its own shape, thus rising in value are expected to grow. There is no investment guarantee, ones must have their own financial judgement and assessment.

Collector in Taiwan and Hong Kong can enjoy free shipping but please note that some collectibles are with exceptions. Due to the special size and heavy weight of a particular collection, measurements and surveys must be performed on site therefore local transportation and installation costs are not included. After the on site survey is completed, discussion with collector based on the actual situation and the cost will be borne by the collector. For customers outside Taiwan and Hong Kong, we will provide you with professional advice on shipping options after you complete the order payment. All transportation costs are borne by the customer.

The price does not include import duty & tax collector is responsible for any that may apply. We will provide reference rate for collector to review before transportation arrangement.

Currently Asia, Europe and USA are free to sell and own them but not every country in the world are the same. We will check the country before sending out and prepare necessary document for customs procedure. 

We guarantee authenticity of each purchase includes a certificate of authenticity by Something Rares. We also guarantee the transportation safety, through professional art transportation company to ensure safety and insurance is absolutely a must to protect the rights of collector. 

Fossil, meteorite and mineral stones cannot be cleaned with chemical cleaning product or detergent. The best way is to clean with water, control indoor temperature and humidity.

We will send representative to observe the condition and provide solutions for restoration.

Europe and USA auction houses have their great result showing tremendous grow result and foreign collectors are have over 10 years collecting experience. Asian market has just started the boom around 3 to 4 years, among those exclusive one mostly small accessories are mostly preferable.

Mostly Asian websites are concentrating on small accessories items, some are with partially rough appearance. We select from the artistic point of view, rising of value, exclusive, integrity level, museum standard, and etc. We want to introduce something different and rares to the market.

It is a gift from the universe and mother nature to mankind. As long as it is explore and purchase through a legal trading channel it is legal to collect and own them. We only work with reputable, quality and good business practice partners. 

These are neither endangered species nor specimens preserved alive by chemical method. Fossils form in preservation of original remains, mineralization and compression in a natural way, witnessed history and proved the emergence of life on earth.

We stand on the front line secure your rights make sure the authenticity, artistic look, intact, obtain from legal channel, safety transportation, and all what collector concern put into action and our absolute commitment.