New Collector’s Diary #1

Things to be noted when purchasing collectible items

Artwork collectors have always been the core of our patron customers, and we have consolidated the most commonly asked questions by the collectors and have them outlined below:


What is the best location for the placement of my collections?

As I have children at home, where should I place my collection?

Given the size of the artwork, can it fit in my current home?

How should I determine the locations of the projector lamps?

If I do not spend too much time in the living room, should I place my collections in the living room?

Regarding these questions, we have consulted with a number of renowned interior designers who also take into reference the placement configuration of our seasoned collector customers and compile the following three keys for the reference of the newcomers in the collectors’ world.

1. With selecting collectible items that suit you

“Selection” is usually the foremost and the essential criteria, as your collection journey has already obtained the aid of artwork collection consultants, much like the professionals of Something Rare, then all you have to do is to select artwork you like. However, please be mindful of the dimension of the artworks, as the proportion between the artwork dimension and the display space is very critical; in other words, if the interior space of your home is already limited, then it is not suitable to acquire collectible items of large sizes, as it may result in the perception of spatial cramming. Therefore, selecting the artwork of suitable size would serve to enhance the overall spatiality of your home. And you are still unsure how to place the artwork in your home, please kindly read on.

2.Recommendations for the location of artwork placement

Usually, the corners around the interior space are highly recommended locations for home safety and circulation considerations. If there are children in the household, then safety would be a primary consideration, as any placement at the corners of the major circulation paths of the interior would ensure the safety of the children and the artwork. At the same time, the corner placement may also invigorate the entire space with projector lamps to eliminate any dead corner in your home. Try to remember whether this is any corner in your home that is neglected or filled with accumulated items; if so, it may be an opportune time to clean it up and pick an artwork to transform those corners

Apart from corners, the spots that attract many eyeballs or gathering of people would be suitable for the placement of the artwork collections, such as the entrance lobby, either sides of the TV wall, the solid wall behind the main sofa, the wall surface of the corridor between the public space and the private spaces in your home. These visually accessible locations do not merely enable the inhabitants to come across beautiful collections but also allow the visitors of families and friends to immerse in the splendor and the sense of luxury afforded by the artworks.

Another interior space worthy of consideration would be the place where you spend the most time in, as some seasoned collectors may place their collections in their studies, master bedrooms, home gym, meditation rooms, or dining rooms. And given the advancement in network connectivity technology, family members may not gather together in the living room to watch TV together, and some collectors may place their collections in spaces where they may enjoy the appreciation of the artwork in the context of leisurely home life.


In terms of Chinese Metaphysics study, rare and precious collections may enhance the prosperity and elegance of the home life, and the household, at the residence. And when placed in the right spot, it can help all family members with their prosperity and fortune. When placing the collection artworks at the corner of financial fortune at the 45-degree angle to the entrance door, it would elevate the household’s financial and career fortune by attracting people with positive energy towards one’s circle.

3.Recommendation for Lighting

Once the placement has been addressed, the installation of the projector lamps is also very important. Even as the locations of the projector lamp, along with the subsequent installation points of electrical outlets, are determined, it is worth noting that not all collections can withstand direct exposure to strong illumination, especially in the case of oil paintings or artworks that may be damaged by high temperature. Apart from artificial lighting considerations, natural lighting is also a perfectly valid option for projecting the required lighting, as some collectors may choose to place their collections in outdoor locations, or in front of frosted-glass windows. However, we recommend that new collectors must verify whether the material, which the artwork is made of, can withstand direct exposure to natural light by consulting with the sellers or professional art collection consultant for guidance.

The three key points outlined above are our recommendations for the reference of the new collectors. Should you like to access further information, please do follow up with our next issue of “New Collectors’ Diary”, or you are more than welcomed to follow us on our social media account on Facebook, Something Rares.