Long-Mouth Eocene Fish Fossil

Magnificent Eocene Fossil Fish with 5 feet slab

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Year: 50 million years ago Eocene Period

Size of fossil: 90CM

Dimension: LxWxH 153 x 5 x 92 CM

Weight: 61kg

Origin: Wyoming, USA

Installation: Need on site survey due to the weight of the collection. 



The stunning prehistoric fossil is magnificent and we are excited to present to our collector this 3D Eocene fossil. It is truly awe-inspiring  5 feet shale slab fossil you will be amazed by its original apperance.


It swam in Eocene lakes in Wyoming and came from Green River Formation, known to produce some of world’s most magnificent fossils. 


Weeks of painstaking work by a professional fossil preparator were needed to uncover the fine bones, fins and intricate details to ultimately bring these spectacular prehistoric fish to life.