Jurassic Crocodile Fossil

4.1 Meter Museum-Worthy Jurassic Crocodile Fos4.1 Meter Museum Worthy Jurassic Crocodile Fossil

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Year: 174 to 182 million years ago, lower Jurassic

Size of Crocodile Fossil: 4.1 meters (vertebral length measurement)

Shale Dimension: LxWxH 385 x 8 x 185CM

Weight: 600KGS

Origin: Southwestern Germany

Installation: We offer on site survey for this collection because of its weight and installation construction will be a must to secure the collection.

Remark: We will discuss with the collector the most suitable installation location and method, light projection, indoor temperature and humidity control, and long-term maintenance details. The collection and its preciousness must be carefully secure and install to ensure the perfect presentation.



An absolute breathtaking 4.1-meter-long Jurassic fossil with the highlight of its incredible articulation of bones and scutes, and has many features that rarely found preserved, including tracheal rings, skin impressions and jaws lined with complete rows of original teeth. Steneosaurus closely resembles living crocodilians called gharials, which are native to India. Like the long-snouted gharial, it is thought to have been a fish-eater. Surprisingly, however, this extinct group is not directly related to the modern species.