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Graph 1: The Analysis of Europe & USA Auction Houses 10 Years Results

Table 1: 10 Years Lot Number for Meteorites, Fossils and Mineral Stones

Graph 1 above was compiled from the auctioned records for fossils, meteorites, and mineral stones by major international auction houses in New York, Los Angeles, London, and Paris, etc. The graph indicates that the total amount of price realised in the last ten years are continually on the increase with formidable momentum, which epitomizes the fact that fossils, meteorites, and mineral stones enjoy great fluidity in the market due to growing interest from more and more buyers or collectors.  Whereas in Asia, one of the Hong-Kong based international auction houses started in 2015 to introduce fossil in the title “Curiosity” auction event, although there are just few lots rolled out, but the transaction rate was excellent, and the price realised did exceed the estimation price. Moreover, there was a 100% transaction rate one year.


As auction houses usually possess an acute sense of the market demand, they would strategically adjust the auction portfolio based on market demand of that particular year. As auction houses have categorized fossils, meteorites, and mineral stones as the “Travel, Science and Natural History ” in the auction category from the outset, however, since 2016, there have been a special category for fossils, meteorites, and mineral stones with their lot numbers on increase, i.e., from 4 items in 2010 to more than 400 items in 2019. Table 1 is the shift in the number of auction items in the last ten years. Apart from the three renowned auction houses, other auction houses also have categories for fossils, meteorites, and mineral stones. 


According to the statistics, out of various types of fossils, there are six types of fossils very popular in auction, and allowed them to become highly sought-after items for collectors:


Dinosaur Fossil – Value of billions of years far exceed any renowned painting in this world.

Gogotte – Immaculate geological evolution of sandstone for 30 million years.

Elephant Bird Egg – Very rare with high price tags.

Fossil of Schools of Fish – Deep ocean wonders with boundless.

Megalodon – Once the king of the ocean, highlight the grandeur of its collectible value

Plant Fossil – Most suitable for home collection display.


These six types of fossils are very popular and they could be as high as 100% sold, and most of them would be sold with high price realised and more than estimated.


On the other hand, meteorites are usually priced based on weight, there are 3 main types: iron meteorites, stony-iron meteorites and stony meteorites, the higher the weight, the higher the price realised. Last but not least, price realised for mineral stones are generally based on the exterior, weight, and rarity.


Bonus Tips!

Below are 5 tips for why meteorites and fossils investment are popular in ultra-wealthy people investment list:-

  1. Simple and Easy
    There are plenty of auction houses interested in good quality or high end fossil and meteorites. Dealing with auction houses is simple and easy because they have standard operation procedures designed by professionals.
  2. Direct Buy and sell process 
    Unlike real estate properties the buy and sell process are complicated for beginners plenty of laws and regulations, various parties will be involved, terms and conditions are waiting for you. Moreover, the cost will increase when more parties involved. However, buying and selling fossil or meteorite are fully controlled by the owner and less parties involved in the whole process. Normally just 2, buyer and seller. Simple and direct.
  3. No limitation for time and area
    Market for fossil and meteorite is very wide due to globalization. Even auction houses are open to online bidding, no limitation for time, area or races. Just buy and sell through trust-able platform. Done!
  4. Good tax saver
    Similar to whiskeys, wine or coin, the buy and selling process does not request personal details such as name, address and documents from bank or monthly income. Therefore, this makes fossil and meteorite investment a good tax saver.
  5. Low risk investment and various price range
    The price for a fossil and meteorite is wide in range. There are many fossil and meteorite are comparatively low in price for beginner but after a period of time the invest return will be high. Furthermore, in this pandemic time, low risk investment is a trend to ensure you get a high return after a period of time.

In conclusion, invest in fossil or meteorite is good choice for you to start if you are new in investment world. For senior investor, if you are looking for an alternative asset, try this blue ocean which will definitely surprise you at last!