41CM with Strong Iridescence of Red, Green and Yellow

A Snapshot of 50 Million Years of Life

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Pioneer in Asia! Beyond Extraordinary Art created by the Universe and Mother Nature; authentic and exquisite meteorites and fossils collection. Three categories: exclusive collection, wall collection and interior collection. From the perspective of arts and aesthetics appreciation, we strive to allow nature masterpiece to immerse your residence in the historic charm in the magnitude of billions of years, emanated from these treasured remnants that hold the secret to the origin of humanity.

From Founder

Meteorites are rare, hence limited in volume

Meteorite, a familiar term for many, originates from outer space comets, asteroids, or other meteors falling towards the earth, passing through the atmosphere, crashing to the ground surface before it is discovered. It may seem like a simple outer space phenomenon, but with a closer look, it is very improbable and coincidental for a meteorite to be discovered. 

New Collector’s Diary #1

Things to be noted when purchasing collectible items

Artwork collectors have always been the core of our patron customers, and we have consolidated the most commonly asked questions by the collectors and have them outlined below: What is the best location for the placement of my collections?

As I have children at home, where should I place my collection? Given the size of the artwork, can it fit in my current home? How should I determine the locations of the projector lamps? If I do not spend too much time in the living room, should I place my collections in the living room?

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