Admire Pallasite

A UFO-shaped Meteorite Slice

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Currently the largest and the heaviest admire pallasite on the market is a UFO pallasite seemingly conveying to the beholders who fancy it that, “I am from outer space, and glad to have arrived on earth”. It possesses two modes of appearance, as it has a reflective exterior during the day, seemingly taking in everything taking place on this planet; when in full illumination at night time, the pallasite in the meteorite comes to life in the appearance of many sparkling stars in the night sky as if bringing the vista of the outer space to the exclusive viewing for the earthlings.

This piece of pallasite comes from a meteorite that total known weight over two tonnes which crashed in 1881 near Admire City, Kansas, USA, which is a small town. Currently, the largest and the heaviest pallasite on the market weigh 975 grams resembling a UFO with a length of 33 centimeters.

As pallasite is an extremely rare type of meteorite, the gem-class meteorite is more expensive than gold because its composition of nickel and pallasite makes it much sought-after on the market with high potential for value appreciation. Most of the pallasite crashing on the earth’s surface is of a charcoal complexion as the severe incineration through earth’s atmosphere, and less than 2% of the meteorite would have pallasite visible on its surface. Furthermore, as this pallasite meteorite is in good shape, it exhibits good clarity of surface patterns and pallasite presence after polish, which makes it a precious collector item.


Until today, meteorites are classified into three major categories such as stony meteorite, iron meteorite, and iron-stony meteorite, and the pallasite is of the highest rarity, a gem-like meteorite. The first-ever pallasite was discovered, east of the Ural Mountains, by a German natural historian, Peter Pallas, in 1772. Up to 2020, there have only been 61 meteorites discovered and named, all of which are composed of olivine, iron, and nickel. The main composition of olivine is of two colors, i.e., green and yellow-green, which would glow like a diamond under illumination in a pitch-dark environment. Usually, olivine can be found in meteorites, on the moon, mars, or comets. Given its mysterious and unique features, olivine appears in the theme of the movie, “Superman Returns”, as the glowing green-color Kryptonite which the character, Lex Luthor, stole from the Museum of Natural History.


As meteorite is no longer the exclusive subject for research, our curiosity towards the mysterious universe knows no bounds, and in the last ten years or so, its unique appearance and appreciation potential are what draws the attention of the collectors. As meteorites are discovered with luck, its pressure-resistance, and coincidence, its unique color, surface pattern, and shape are naturally formed, which are the very reasons making it highly collectible.

Two different modes of appearance during day and night
(The effect of backlighting in a dark environment)

 For collectors to get a more thorough look at this piece of the pallasite, it comes with a tailor-made display platform and rack, as well as an exclusive background photo, a small thermometer display, a green dehumidifier, and the certificate of authenticity issued by Something Rares.