Investment Choice

Novice Entry

A UFO-shaped Meteorite Slice

The Largest Admire Pallasite on the Market

Selection Standars

We would like to ensure our collector clients that all collectible items are the result of many high-standard selection processes, as the quality of your meteorite and fossil collection reigns supreme over consideration in quantity, as the rarity factor can only be genuinely addressed and honored with uncompromising patience and professional appraisal skillset.

1. Colour

2. Complexity

3. Preserved Appearance

4. Investment Value

5. Appreciation 

6. Rarity

7. History

8. Private collector/ background story

Country of Origin

Russia, USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, Mexico, Chile, Brazil, and more Europe, USA and South America Countries. We strive for excellence in the integrity of our approach in terms of aesthetics and appreciation considerations to present much sought-after immaculate artwork for our collectors.