A UFO-shaped Meteorite Slice

The largest Admire Pallasite on market, 975g

Admire Kansas, USA

Price on request ✉️


Year: 1881

Length: 33CM

Weight: 975 grams

Dimension: LxWxH 33 x 0.5 x 22.5CM

Origin: Admire Kansas, USA

Installation: A Designated stand, pedestal, backlight are included

Remark: We will discuss with collector the most suitable installation location and method, back light projection, indoor temperature and humidity control, and long-term maintenance details. The collection and its preciousness must be carefully secure and install to ensure the perfect presentation.


The Admire Pallasite was first discovered in over 2 tons near a small town named Admire in Kansas, USA in 1881;  one of the most beautiful of all known pallasites because of the unique olivine crystals, over 50 percent of the surface is covered in olivine crystals in the iron-nickle texture matrix. The largest Admire Pallasite on the market, its natural external edge look like UFO-shaped, extremely rare collection revered of its unparalleled beauty. Iron-nickel texture is carved out by the Universe which on day time the beauty cannot be expressed with words, seemingly taking in everything taking place on this planet; when in full illumination at night time, shine in front of its designated backlight, the olivine crystals comes to life in the appearance like many sparkling stars, bringing the vista of the outer space to the exclusive viewing for the earthlings. This is absolutely a stunning and eye-catching collection you should not miss in your life.